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Izan-New Kinghate

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About this City Journal

My 2nd city journal, now this journal is based on the capital and heart of Izan, New KInghate.

Entries in this City Journal



Ok, so New Kinghate is not a country, but it actually has its own military guard, because the area is so prone to attack. New Kinghate has it own guard and even the Emperor has his own division of guards.


North vs South

In Izan, naturally, the area with the tallest buildings is the downtown area. South of the canal is the downtown area, however, North wants the downtown district, so there is rivalrly between each other, this causing New Kinghate to become a super high city, however, this city is still the capital and god of all big cities.


City Geography

As New Kinghate is on the Bombarda Peninsula, there are several objects that seperate parts of the dity. The Southwest and North West are connected by a highway, while East and West are split by a river, and Southeast and Northeast are split by a canal, which is the downtown New Kinghate, the capital of Izan is located in the Southeast, which is a massive parliamant building. In the Northwest is a small downtown section of the city, and in the Southwest is the industrial district, filled with hi-tech industries.


Basic facts

Similar to the basic in the Izan journal, this one shows facts for New Kinghate only.

religion: Zanianism

pop: 42,204,345

districts: Kivil, Orjiki, Makip (capital), Sente, Shitil, Polapo, Dolpare, Zixi, Civilma, Namlikijo, Yasititi, Lijihol, Yukusga, Vilipo, Zaltiyu, Tukali, Tokapi, Leyfeyet, Fargas, Untulma, Mestopmapia, Ilk, Quadli

loacation: On the North Bombarda Peninsula

average family income: $109,839



Before Izan, the was an empire called Enginie, during that time, there was no New Kinghate, there was a Kinghate instead, which was the 2nd largest city. After the collapes of Enginie, the first emperor of Izan, Serkan I, established New Kinghate and declared the capital of Izan. New Kinghate grew to a bustling metropolis. The former capital of Enginie, Dehil, was burned down and no longer exsist, however, Kinghate, remains as one of Izan's largest cities.

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