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On a large 256x256 tile map two cities started. The cities were separated by a river coming from the mountains. The west city is industrial dirty/manufacturing orientated. The east city is...

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Timelapse video

Still captures of SimCity 4 showing a timelapse of my bigtile 256x256 city "convergence"

I started out with two cities. I was planning to let them grow equally. However the west city is more industrial manufacturing/low dense residential. The eastern side of the river has the main commericial strip which is fed by an underground highway. In the year 0076 the cities converged. I did notice a hughe boost in airport usage and traffic between the cities. I will continue to play this city, and see if I can make a commercial skyline.

I like sticking to the gameplay of SimCity. This city is my most profitable city, which makes §6000/month almost since it was errected.

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