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About this City Journal

Capricornia the beginning of a new world super power. This strong nation has the dream and the means to become one of the worlds most remember nations.

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 Hi guys

Its been a few years since i was last really active on this site )2005)  and i had a Cj by the name of Ponca.  After doing Ponca region for a few weeks i started to get bored with simcity and decided to give it up but in the last few weeks i have once again become fasinated with this awesome game and give it another go, this time however on a mac lol.

Anyways this new Cj i am working on is my first actual planned city i for once have some sort of idea what i want to do with this city and where i want to take it.  Please keep in mind that it has been a while for me playing this and i hope you enjoy.

Its the year 2020 and after world war three, most of the cities around the world have been decimated, and must start anew.  T he 3 super powers of the past 10 years China USA and India have been at war which up until recently has been raging on.  It has been a month since the end of that war, with Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Canada and the EU bringing about peace between these three countries.  

The war started because of the Economic turmoil that hit the world with the GEC in 2007 onwards, with the fall of greece as the turning point to bring on the war.  Because these three countries could not agree on economic reform the world went into a downward path of death and destruction.

Most of the world had been destroyed and new nations were emerging including The new Federal State of Capricornia which lays in a coastal region on the Australian Continent.  Being a new country the people found it wise to construct a new city, as most other cities had been destroyed.  So on the island of Wentworth, a city was founded and became the Capital.

With ongoing turmoil around the world, yes although peace had been declared normaility had not returned, many people thought it be a good idea to settle in this new country.  The Federal State of Capricornia (TFSC) started to gain power and control in the world stage and as time went on became an emerging power in world politics.

Ok so here are a few pics just to get things started.  These are the foundations of Wentworth Island.

Photobucket"Photobucket" />

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