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Another City on the Plains

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Chapter 3

Heres an Aerial view. Large urbanized metro area. Its the big time. Closely based off the patterns of Houston, Texas. Northern Suburbs that went verticle and southwestern suburb that hasnt exploded upward as much. I continue to eat up farmland haha. Industry is mainly on the west and southeast sides.


Chapter 2

Well its been quite awhile. This city is 2 years old and I havent touched since the summer 2010. I havent played simcity 4 in so long but I'm slowly getting back into the grind with the new one coming out in 2013! This city has 1.9 million and the metro area around it has about 3 or 4 million. I have the network mod(which the version I have is probably outdated by now haha) or the roads/rail would not work. Pollution isnt too bad air wise because the network mod. I dont plan on working on this city anymore. Its perfect the way I left it. Plus if i remember correctly the economy in the region was hitting a snag as I left. So I'll run around this region and take snap shots of stuff and post them soon.blogentry-173338-0-08685100-1338540820_t

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