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The Ursine Union

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About this City Journal

Watch as a small Country slowly grows on a newly found Planet.

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Welcome to my very first CJ! Please bear with me as I try to get everything situated, as even though I know how to read a CJ, I don't exactly know how to make one myself, Hah!


Word of the Day: Ursine - adj. of or relating to a bear or the bear family.

The Ursine Union wasn't started in the best of times, because the Universe was going through a massive Economic Deppression. Somehow, someone had bombed the Industrial Center of all the Planets,which also happened to the be the Trading Center. So, with all the factories closed, all the factories elswhere that either made goods for, or goods from the factories closed. Without goods coming out, and the little amount of Jobs out there, most stores closed also, which laid off even more people. So long story short, everything was an un-organized mess.

Even though everything else was going bad, the economy for the new country wasn't doing horrible, but it wasn't making as much money if it was in a better time,the Economy for The Ursine Union pretty much went like this:

-Factories in the Country Made the Goods from Stuff found in the Country.

-The factories made money from selling the Goods they made with shops in the Country.

-The Shops made money from selling the goods to workers who worked in the Country.

So nothing went in, and nothing went out. Exept for new people moving in, obviously.

The very first City founded, also the Capitol, is St. Muals, named after the Exploror who found the new Planet. Here is an Early Picture of what it looked like when the City had just been started:

Early St. Muals

(Please note this is before the Parks, and all the eye-candy was put in, as I said, it was the Begining.)
If anyone could tell me how to get rid of the UI in pictures, that would be great appreciated. And sorry for the grids! Gah! How horrid!

Well, I think I've covered pretty much everything! Thank-You for reading!

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