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Hangal Island

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About this City Journal

A somewhat pointless Island somewhere outside of the Philippines which, over time, grows into one of the main tourist-spots of it's surrounding area.

Entries in this City Journal

Bye Tom

We're in Business

We're in Business

The hotel is finally finished and the first people are spending their holiday at Hangal Island, and there's many more to come. The hotel is fully booked almost a half year ahead.

There have proved to be a huge interest in the Island, it appears that it has become a somewhat trendy topic for conversation among single mothers. The old road has been connected with the hotel and will, in the future, bring tourists to the hotel via the, yet to be built, harbour which will be located where the other former hippie colony was located.


The Hotel is located where one of the hippie colonies used to be


And there it is. :)

As always, feedback is more than welcome.

Bye Tom

The Permit is Signed

The Permit is Signed 


The permit is signed, giving Exploitacorp.TM Hotels co. (the company who arranged overday trips to the island) allowance to build their hotel.

Everything is set to go, the permit is signed and construction has already begun. An interesting note concerning the construction is that the old "hippie-road" (that's what they call it) has actually been used to transport material to the construction site as the water by the construction site is too shallow.

                   There are already other hotel chains who's gaining interest for the Island and it is rumored that at least a few building proposals already have been left in to the government for inspection. Shouldn't be too long until we see the construction of a dock as well.


This is where the hotel will be located.


The construction site.

As always, feedback is greatly appreciated


Bye Tom

Our story begins

Our Story Begins

Somewhere outside of the Philippines, in an area most people would look by,  lies yet another Island.

Our story begins in 1993 when a bunch of hippies (that's right, hippies) decides that their everyday life isn't enough anymore. So they decide to move somewhere far, far away where they can live in harmony with nature... and go surfing. In the summer of 1994 they all take the cheapest flight down to Manila (capital City of the Philippines), buys a boat (don't ask me how they afforded it) and goes out to find an Island to settle down. The hippies built two small colonies of houses, one by their favorite surfing spot, and one by their favorite snorkeling spot.

                     Two months later, the hippies stole a small car and built a road between the two colonies upon which they were all arrested for. One of the hippies were seriously harmed during their stay in prison, this attracted the eyes of the media and caught the attention of a nearby (I guess everything is relative though) hotel a few Islands away who began doing overday cruises to the Island. The cruise was very popular with the guests and the hotel owners then started to think about building another resort over at the Island.

An areal of the Island:


One of the hippie colonies:


The other one of the colonies:Hangal3.jpg

I'll be happy to receive comments, but keep in mind that this is my first try at a city journal, so don't be too harsh.1.gif

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