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About this City Journal

New Arabian Modern blabla City Journal.

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2019, Rashina War Society and United Peace Federation have to date caused the greatest war. 850,000,000,000 people died in the war, the modern world in the west felt nothing of the war and found nothing of.

2020, War Society Rashina get tired of it and send 160 "F82" to the modern Western world and commit one of the biggest attacks of the war 'Arab Land and naval warfare'

but enough about that war.

2029, Everything is back in order and there is peace. Rashina War Society changed to Arabian Society Group or ASG ™. The leaders of the ASG ™

started a new modern city in the country Jumeirat called Qumrinah.

It begins as a small fishing village and builds on that one of the largest cities in the world.

Klik hier voor meer gratis...

In the next Update of Qumrinha's CJ i will give you pics of the litte fishingcity xD

PS: Qumrinha Haves American and European Build Technology's

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