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About this City Journal

Saber, a small island that was bought by a man named Dan, as then he turned it into a huge city with more than 100.000 sims!

Entries in this City Journal


Sabers birth.


As Dan grew more tired of Americas declining economy and cheap jobs he set out to the ocean in a boat that would keep him alive for about 3 months.


3 months later...

Dan had atlast reached this new island that was temporaly owned by Zachaz Stallians. A man with alot of heart sold Dan the island for $900,000 after that Dan only had about $500,000 left. So he started advertiseing and he had a few settlers come and live and work so he said "This is GREAT!" then he called his brother *ring ring* 

John: Hello?

Dan: Hey man guess what!

John: What?


John: Wait what? what do you mean.. where?

Dan: Im not sure just some island i got man the economy is great down here im prez and taxes are REALLY low!

John: huh.. im not sure

Dan: oh come on man! its great we already got a few people down here liveing about let me see uhhh...

John: ...

Dan: oh lets see... 700,000 and many many buissnesses you can come and be my right hand man dude and hey.. call CJ see if he will come too!

John: alright.. i guess ill start packing and call CJ...

*phone hangs up*


To Be Continued

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