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About this City Journal

STRASBURG: Inspired by "natural growth," Strasburg documents the evolution of Roger Cornale's distant settlement into a magnificent new society. LANIER COAST / STANFORD MSA: A group of...

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Stanford, Belvedere

A few centuries after Roger Cornale's vision came true, everything seemed "normal" again. Humans had discovered a new Earth-like world that could accommodate man, their animals, and their crops. Several people left Earth to colonize the planet, called Osteridon. As man, animal, and plant began to reproduce, Osteridon flourished. Empires and cities rose out of almost nothing. Osteridon became the Second Earth, with a collection of new nations and societies.

(end story)

Stanford is a major city in Belvedere, one of the great countries of Osteridon. I haven't built the city yet, but I will use the TSC Perpignan map for the region. I'll write about Belvedere and Stanford soon enough.

P.S.: I intend to use the CJ to showcase my cities now, rather than use it to create an intricate storyline.


A New Beginning

After a tedious search, Roger Cornale found the perfect spot to create his new society. Secluded from the rest of the world, the Albany Plains have remained untouched by people of European descent since Europeans discovered the Americas. Only Native people currently live here, but after Cornale made a treaty with them, the land was quickly opened up for settlement.

"And thus, it has begun."


Cornale and his settlers quickly laid down the first road.


The town of Strasburg sprouted up just down the road.


As demand to enter this new society grew, so did Strasburg.


"While agricultural at the present time, I expect this society to grow immensely in the near future. We will diversify our economy. But we must think over what made the previous advanced society to collapse... too much corporate domination, and no regard for small business, perhaps?"


Frustrated with the current state of the world, London, Ontario native Roger Cornale set out on a journey to find new places to create what he termed "the perfect society." In a computer document dated March 20, 2030, Cornale wrote the following:

"Our world is in turmoil. Not from bloody war, at least not here in Canada, but 'corporate interests' took over the Canadian government. Despite this, people continue to flock to our country from the United States, where things are worse. Much worse."

He then proceeds to say: "Global warming is in full swing. I just know it. The Great Plains of the United States continues to suffer from its worst series of dust storms and heat waves in living memory. Crops are wilting, livestock are dropping dead... I've never seen anything like it in my entire life. The breadbasket of the world, withering away... how can we expect to be fed?"

"Thunderstorms are also more severe; much more so than when I was a kid in the 'lost decade': the 00s, as they called them. Matter of fact, last year a massive tornado outbreak stunned the U.S. east of the Mississippi; it even extended into Ontario and Qu

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