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Republic of Aleksania

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About this City Journal

The Republic of Aleksania is a member of the Alliance of Independent Nations. This is only a preview of Aleksania. For a more in depth look at Aleksania, and many other awsome CJs, go...

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these are some older Pics of Aleksania City, the Capital.


The Old Capital Building^

The New Capital Building (beside Mt Aleksania)

Aleksania City (note the port)

Aleksania City Int. Airport


Shadow, a small famrming comunity.

Free River, a suberb of Aleksania City


Republic of Aleksania

A Member of the Alliance of Independent Nations

Basic Info
Flag of the Republic of Aleksania

Coat of Arms of the Republic of Aleksania1

Official Name: The Peoples Republic of Aleksaina
Common/Short Name: Aleksania
Internet Code: .alx
Currency: Officialy US Dollar, but Euro accepted most places
Population: 1.25 million
Government Representative Democracy
Chancellor: Aleksandr Dziubla Facco
Official Languages: English, Rusisan
Official Religion: None
Capital: Aleksania City
Largest City:Aleksania City, 300,000
Second Largest City: Utopiopolis, 290,000
Location: South Pacific Ocean (110 Km. East of New Zealand)
Net Yearly Income (Average): $50,000
Number of Cars Per Household (Average): 1.5
Average Age: 30
Date that Aleksania Became a part of the Alliance of Independent Nations: Sunday, August 9, 2009
Date of Independece: July 3, 1899
National Holiday: Aleksania Day, July 3
National Airline: Aleksania International Airlines (AIA)
Number of Military Personal: 50,000
Major Exports: Agurculteral Products, Military Equipment, Buisness Products, Household Electronics
Major Imports: Oil, Automobiles, Industrial Equipment, Natural Resorces

1Made By Peter

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