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River Valley City

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About this City Journal

A naturally growing city in a beatiful green valley with the not so pleasant spots

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An introduction

 Green Valley City is a large town with about 45,000 inhabitants and a varied skyline

most of the inhabitants are skilled workers 

a medium-sized proportion are unskilled workers

and a tiny proportion are executives.

plus lots of offices 

When the planet council decided to build this city they got a heathly amount of money about 500,000 but oddly someone or something was giving income to the city even though it was a barren valley 30,800 to be precise but taking advantage of it the council built the town could this lead to the city's doom?!

lets find out.

Here is the city


Here we have the office district                                                                                                                                                                                                        


Memorial park


The suburbs


so you know this is only a teaser next entry will cover lots more

Note:i have to use low graphics otherwise my pc lags very badly.

hope u enjoyed

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