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About this City Journal

After WW3, the earth is now ruled by mega-corporations. Unfortunately, the most powerful corporation has become corrupt, or so Johnny's Grandpa says. Is there anyway to stop the most...

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Year: 2023

Country: China

    "General, are you sure you want to do this?" said the Chairman, "What would we do if Russia retaliated with their nuclear arsonal?"

The general, a long time friend of the Chairman, sighed and said, "Then everyone here dies, and everyone else on TwoRock will destroy them for us."

The Chairman thought about it and said "Are you sure that everything is in place?"

The general nodded his head.

"Then tonight we crush Russia," yelled the Chairman, "And tommorow, all of Asia!!!"


Year: 2025

Country: The People's Republic of Asia

   "Chairman, have you decided if you want to attack Australia yet?"

The Chairman, now one of the most powerful men in the world, had a thoughtful look on his face.

"I don't know, we're already hated enough by the world, Australia might start WW3..."

"No, no. The United States are to busy with their moon colonization project, and Europe is still recovering from their depression."

"What about South America and Africa? They've risen in power."

"You mean their automatic spears, and their nuclear powered arrows?" The general said, halve jokingly, halve hatefully, "They are absolutly no threat to us!"

The Chairman, barely convinced, asked the general, his long time friend, one simple question, "Can I trust you that the world will not go into chaos?"

The general, with a world of lies behind his smile assured the Chairman that everything would go as planned, and the Chairman agreed. An agreement that he would later hate himself for.


Year: 2016

Country: United States of America


Note: This journal may progress slowly due to my busy schedule, I'm very sorry about that.


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