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State of Braebant.

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The State of Braebant, is one of the 41 states of the United States of Europe. The state borderd by the State of Holland, Wallonia and North Germany. Official languages are English and...

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Name The State of Braebant, United States of Europe
Population 10.041.195 (683km2)
Area 14.689
Capital Eyndhoven
Largest City Carren Springs
Government Parliamentary democracy and Constitutional Monarchy

- Monarch: Queen Sophie I

- Prime Minister: Calleigh Turran (CSD)

GDP Total: $605.094 billion

Per Capita: $60.261

Currency Euro

The State of Braebant was found by the creation of the United States of Europe in 2052. It was created by the dutch provinces of North Braebant and Limburg. And by the Dutch Region Flanders in Belgium. Many big Cities like Antwerp and Brugge were destroyed by the European War of 2036. After the war, a lot of so called new age cities were created. Carren Springs, Rose Hill and Everton are examples. At the creation of the USE, English became a official language, Braebantian is the traditional spoken language, Luxembourgish is also widely spoken. The Head of the State is Queen Sophie, and Prime Minister Calleigh Turran. But the President of the USE has also political influence.  

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