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About this City Journal

New mayor Calmpitbull inherits a massive amount of land in the mountainous lakes region of Hyperion. A letter is sent out to the residents of old grande village telling them that their...

Entries in this City Journal


Mayor Calmpitbull has started on building the foundations of the new city.


As you can see the village has disappeared and is replaced with low and medium density homes and offices. Being a no pollution city heavy industry and manufacturing products have to be imported. Calmpitbull was quoted as saying "Let others live like crap to provide us with us products and services, we are the cream of the crop!"

So far the city has imported food, heavy industry and anufacturing. However to be successful when the city grows it will have to import everything apart from office space, hi tech industry and water (we have plenty of that!). We do have small oil deposits but the mayor is not interested in that as it creates pollution.

"The last thing we want is to smell oil in the air while we are sipping our cappucino's" stated the mayor most confidently.


New Mayor Calmpitbull has issued notices to villagers to evict them and destory the old village. Villagers have been offered brand new swanky lakeside homes by the mayor in the new city.


Also a new ad campaign has been launced to attract new residents to the city promising no traffic, pollution, crime and a brand new way of life unrivalled anywhere else in the world!


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