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The Constitutional Monarchy of Monseroux was founded in 1779 by French Aristocrat, Nathanial l

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The Official Flag of the State of Monseroux


Founded in 1789, during the start of the French Revolution, Aristocrat Nathanial lé Darling moved his family and assets from Paris to the French Riviera. Lé Darling came across Monte Pristo Bay, as it was known then and along with his small army of Cavaliers began to lay the foundations for the country that was to be known as Monseroux.

In 1791 lé Darling, and the influential banking figure, Rudolph Damiano D’Asti, had invested massive sums of money into the local area constructing; a canal system, harbour and other wonders that make the city of LaCoix so appealing to tourists worldwide. The Damiano D’Asti Banking Trust Headquarters moved into the now large town of LaCoix in 1792, as tensions in France grew massively between the Aristocracy and the Peasantry.

In 1792, just before the fall of the French Monarch, Duke lé Darling of the Principality of Monseroux signed the Treaty of Monte Pristo along with King Louis XVI of France, giving the small state of Monseroux its independence from France, and creating a safe haven for the Aristocracy of the former French Monarch as well as many of the Parisian Elite.


Nathanial lé Darling in 1789

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