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About this City Journal

Avondale is a region known for its mountains, rivers and the numerous cities and towns. This is my first CJ. You will see everything from Small mountain towns to coastal cities to...

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Silverwater Grows



After 4 years of Construction the Steel mill is finally complete, This has brought growth to the town but one problem... there is no way for immigrants to get to Silverwater. Construction has begun on a landing point for vessels and a fishing marina.


After a year the Marina was Complete and the Town's population exploded from 500 to 3000 residents

here are some photos showing growth in the centre over time


Things have changed since the mill was built, a rail line has been introduced running from the steel mill through the town and farmland all the way to the land west of Avondale. The towns growth has also been built over former farmland and local council, Silverwater Shire Council, has plans to expand the Town over the entire Narrow Peninsula. Creating a vibrant multicultured City with Waterfronts on both Avondale Harbour and Lake Elanora.

Here is the town today.



Got called into work yesterday so i couldnt finish the update properly 8.gif 

But i have enough to give you this quick update of Silverwater.

After little growth for nearly a century Silverwater finally got a road link to the west coast provinces. this link was known as The Avondale Highway.


After the Completion, Industry boomed for the small settlement. a small industral park was built nearby



a few years later a massive steel mill was being planned, here is the construction site.


This Mill will bring 1200 jobs to the settlement and many opportunities.


In the 18th century English explorers were sailing down the Pacific Ocean down the coast of a new land. Seas were heavy and storms were brutal, the sailors were forced to enter the mighty Avondale River's narrow mouth. When they entered the seemingly small waterway, they were stunned by the massive Harbour and nearby Lake. The weather soon cleared up and the sailors landed on the shore of a narrow Peninsula. They settled the area, naming the settlement "Silverwater" after the Harbours 'silver' coloured water during the storm. This is where the Region of Avondale's History started.

The area where silverwater was founded:


After the settlement began the first streets were layed down, quickly succeeded by the construction of homes:


I will update again tomorrow.

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