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The New places in Optimia

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So, we will now look back on Optimia for a while... Maybe first on this newspaper page about limitations in gladiatorial games.



(In row 14. - they could be used more, and not only between animals and humans)

So, who will won? Maybe the Antonius (but it is not very kind to animals). But, in Optimia was recently built new arena, about half of mile on the south of forum. With capacity of 4.000 patricians and 17.000 other people it is fourth largest Coliseum in the empire (largest in The Rome, second in Bosra, third in Cairo). Underground are cages for 50 big animals and prisons for more than 2000 gladiators and slaves.


The Parks of new Lacademia were also built, in the far-west part of the city. There are also many lucrative patrician villas, and two times more plant species, than in first lacademian parks. New palm species from terra palmis, german giant pines, and many others.


Also, the gold mining site was estabilished near the parks, now more than 3 tons of gold are mined there per month. This gold is often used in world class Optimian jewellery. The iron, coal and copper are mined there too.


In january of 264, the first games were held in brand new Coliseum.


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