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Katrina City

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Katrina City Grows Like a Weed!

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Finally, here's the next entry.

Note: Apperently, I can no longer use .png images in CJs. So, I will attempt to use .jpg images.

Edit: It turns out that the above starement was wrong.

Katrina City continues to grow. Here is an area zone for a farm, homes, and commerce. Also, the city has started construction on its first highway.


Later, residents start building on the zoned area.


Here is a picture of the highway after more construction.


Six days later, a farmer buys the farm patch and starts growing crops on it.


Several months later, the city has further expanded. Also, the highway has been extended further.


The ferry part has been clogged with new arrivals, so to relieve that situation, the mayor decides to build another ferry port.


Some of the boats are then rerouted to that port. Later, a statue is being sculpted in honor of the mayor. When he is asked where they should put it, he decides that it should go next to the high school. On July 7, 1959, when the statue is finished, a ceremony takes place at the selected site.


The citizens have been wanting a public beach, so the mayor decides to reserve an area for one on May 20, 1960.


Here's another look at the city. It has exploded in population! Also, due to lack of demand for farms, the Mayor has decided to replace them with residential and industrial zones.


On November 30, 1960, a crowd of citizens applause in a ceremony held because the island's first church is being built.


Meanwhile, the mayor decides to look at why most of the citizens are screaming for water, and is shocked at what he finds. So, construction crews begin extending the water system. When they finish, the water system has gone from this...


...to this.


Later, commerce is zoned along the highway and the highway's first interchange and the city's first airport (under construction) are built.


And to finish this entry, one more picture of the town, with the airport open for business:


Thats it, and oh, a severe thunderstorm is headed for Katrina City. You'll just have to find out what happens in the next entry.

Time covered: November 25, 1958 to March 18, 1963.

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