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Oracle 2.0

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 Oracle is dead. Long live the new Oracle!

The mayor is Dutch, hence the waterworks, bridges and funny infrastructures..


A sattelite overview of Oracle. The river has been transformed into a canal, with a sidearm that leads to a small, artificial lake. This will become a popular, seculded area for the happy (and rich) few.


A detail-shot of one of the many bridges that cross the river. Oraclers don't like messy riverbanks, so everything is neat and tidy.


A closer look on the infrastructure along the river.


Trees at both sides of the road and an almost unguarded railcrossing: typical Dutch.


The highway that crosses the river will lead you to to our neighbours...


...through the woods, with a ramped-off, curvy road that will bring you to the farms..


..only a bit of dirty industry is to be found in front of the rural area of Oracle. The mayor would like to keep it this way, and eventually turn it into high-tech industry. 


Left from the highway, we find the mayor's vision of a new La Defense.. Expensive $$$-offices are expected to start building their capitalistic symbols soon.


One of the many (to come) churces in Oracle: it's not the religion that seems important for the Oraclers - it's the quietness that you will find within their thick, cold walls that lures the inhabitants to churces like the St. Felicity, located in the midst of the river, on Felicius Island.


This here is the modest beginning of Oracle: a church, railway station, some schools and a big-ass Hospital.


Ah yes: Oracle Exclusive: the soon-to-be gated, private area of the oracles. Since the Mayor is a true hedonist, he decided to locate the city hall inside this excluded community. Opposite the church, along the river arm, you'll find quite the cathedral. 

The small yacht club will soon be replaced for a bigger one. This will surely lure the rich and famous into Oracle.

Stay tuned: blueprints are being drawn as we speak..!

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