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Calhoun Gully Falls (A Mosaic)

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wallacet: Thank you for the kind words!

danholo: Thanks! That was the effect I was aiming for, that sleepy small town feel!

avrelivs: Cheers! The fences were one the first things I ever downloaded back in April 2010 and I couldn't remember where I got it from. After an age of searching, they are part of this pack! Enjoy!

kench: Many thanks!

haydon1996: Cheers!

Schulmanator: Thank you mate, glad you are still enjoying it!

ROFLyoshi: Ha! Industrial Sorcery at work! Actually there is an industrial estate in my city which is surrounded by greenery like this. Sadly I don't have a photo, but if I get one I'll post it!

TheMentalist: You're very kind!

tigeria: Thanks, It's always nice to get compliments from people who's work you admire!

heitomat: Thank you! I took a long time to build my plugins directory to contain things to build this type of town. I agree on the rural housing density thing. So many Rural CJ's cram housing together but I think that good rural environments are like good funk music; It's whats not there that makes it work! And trees really help of course 3.gif

Damastius: Cheers! I'll be watching your CJ to see how that turns out! Given how good your CJ has started out, I'm pretty sure the farmland will look fantastic!

ladybug2: Thank you!


Just a short update, my first mosaic. Today we'll look at Calhoun Gully Falls:






Thank you for viewing, rating & above all commenting; Your feedback is what makes 3 hours working out how to make a mosaic worthwhile!

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Oooo! Amazing mosaic! I love your work with the ploppable rocks, the waterfalls, the river itself.. Time well spent! 

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