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History/Tour of Madisonville

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:Thanks!!I'll use the mod that Cobra_nVidia suggested.
@Cobra_nVidia: Thanks for the suggestion!
History of Paridise Island:
After the Earthlings landed on Mars, some of them trekked onto a volcano known as Olympis Barin. The others migrated to what is now the United Cities. When the Republic of Mars was founded hundreds of years later, the 800 people living on the island asked the UC if it could be a commonwealth. But after Hashan took over the governemnt, the plan was abanded. The day NTM became president, Paridise Island was branded as a Commonwealth. This CJ will start off on the day after this.
The capital of Paridise Island is Madisonville. The city contains only about 825 people, 99% of all the people on the island(About 50 live on the mountains). Here is a tour of it.
The main part of the town, with just the basic buisennses. At the moment there are no schools, and childern get their eductation by radio from the UC.
In this stage, the only signs of tourism in Paridise Island are a beach, The WildCat Hotel, and Governemnt Offices(The building on the left)
The airport, which at the time only served small jets. Today, it can handle 707s.

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Don't be afraid to use mods! It may seem artificial, but it seems that the only way to create really good pictures is with LOTS of user mods and plopping them all around to make it look real. Unless you are looking for an "all natural" CJ, in which case this is a great start.

I like your premise, and the story definitely has potential. Keep up the good work!

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Agreed, use mod's, that's why they're created. You can create a world in your image, or imagination, so to speak...test...have fun...and be creative. Can't wait to see more!

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