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The REAL highway, Pt III

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Welcome to update number eight, on functionality of RHW and TULEPs.

this update will contain images that highlight my regional progress, but please note that it is not a presentation of the final city. everything that will be seen is subject to change and revision.

(which is a good tip by the way...never be afraid to bulldoze existing infrastructure/development in order to make major changes.)

(PIC 1)



There are a few small patches of R$ development that i have set up in order to test the functionality of the RHW.

Clearly the network functions...in the future i will be expanding the population until i begin getting congestion problems.

I also have set up the infrastructure in a way that feeds workers from other tiles into centralized industrial/refinery complexes. this way i will be able to control traffic patterns for optimal performance of the network.



here is a new interchange that connects the split RHW4 to a local road...it needs some work maybe.



here is the interchange from another tile. although it is no where near its capacity limit its functionality is obviously.



here is a close up of the TULEP seen in PIC1 and PIC2.



another TULEP.



the region progress...so much more to add but its looking good so far:


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How come that the color of the sea in the last pic become black? hahahaha... Just joking!

Anyway, I like the interchange in pic 4. Perhpas, it takes a long time just to create that kind of interchange (or any other highway system) especially that it is not built on a pure flat terrain. This region is looking good so far... 

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I love how you're integrating your industrial areas and seaports in the natural landscape; and your job with the networks is very nice and functional... I really hope to see soon this empty areas filled with some urban areas, or maybe farms...

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@kench haha its just the effects of contrast/color correction from the photo editing program i use. it definitely is more time consuming to build RHW networks on naturally sloped terrain, but i think it turns out more rewarding.

@TekindusT - im kind of reverse engineering a dutch style city (not any 'real world' city in particular) so once i feel adequate with the amount of industrial jobs i will move on to residential development. its an unnatural growth style but it will allow me control which networks the sims use to commute to their jobs.

my next update will be focusing on residential development...but farming wont be for a while (im not ready to use CAM yet) because of imCAMpatible mods that im currently using. stay tuned.

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