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Welcome to the new country of Borosov!


After recieving independance from France in spring 1986 by popular vote, Borosov became the worlds seventh smallest country in Europe, after Luxembourg, Leichtenstein, Andorra, San Marino, Monaco and Vatican City. The people of Borosov democraticaly chose Pascal T. Heubert as their first leader, winning by a landslide. He stepped down in 2007 after his 23rd year in office. Robert Poussin became Presendent in the resulting election. He is still in office today.

Borosov's culture is greatly influenced by Russian and French culture, predominantly, but also Swiss and English cultures as well. The official language is French, but English and Russian are very popular. 

The total population of Borosov is only about 57 000 inhabitants, and many of them live within the city limits. Only about 10% of the population live in rural areas, the other 90% in urban.   


-The beautiful St. Andres Cathedral in the centre of Borosov City, the Public Gardens in behind-


-A side street off of Heubert Avenue, the main throughfare- 


More updates to come soon!

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its a great start, but i think the second picture is zoomed in too much..you can always (Print Scr) at medium zoom and cut out a picture (even if its not 800x600) so its not so pixelated. 800x600 is only the maximum size, smaller pictures will load faster and often times portray more detail...just a helpful tip i hope.

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Luxemburg is the part left of the "L"
Nice church you've got there
-Mailand, I thought I'd never heard about it, but it's Milano  -

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