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Marina City

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UPDATE 6: Marina City

(satellite business district)




Marina City is a relatively new development located several miles east of Kubo in Hinawa Harbour. It was sculpted in the late 1990's to create a satellite business center. The main route that passes the district is called the Hinawa Harbourside Expressway, and it cuts through the center of the island, ending at the edge of Marina City with an underwater tunnel. There is another road connection via the Metropolitan Bridge and a speedy monorail line that runs through the island. It connects Kubo's Skyrail in the lower level truss of the bridge. Marina City holds a number of department headquarters and offices, but it's usually quiet throughout the week.


Hinawa's Metropolitan Bridge, carrying in connecting commuters from Kubo and Marina City. Seto Electric HQ is seen in the bottom. Because it's spring, the cherry blossoms gifted from Seto's neighbor, Japan, are beginning to bloom.


The Hinawa Marina Center, a complex of offices, art sculptures, and a hotel, is a popular place for tourists.



A mosaic of the Hinawa Marina Center during noon. In this mosaic you can see the cycleways, monorail, the numerous parking lots, and the Hinawa Harbourside Expressway.


A midnight downpour by the harbourfront.

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excellent update! Very modern Asian city! I'm just missing this special uniqueness of Asia, the mixture of old and modern, but mybe there will be more soon! I like it!

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Le gasp!  The Fuji TV building!  Where did you get it?

Everything else is looking fantastic!  Interesting structure at the tunnel opening.  A massive ventilation system?


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Thanks for the comments guys! :D 

zel; Fuji T.V building can be downloaded here: http://descargas.capitalsim.net/?sitio=csc

Just search for 'Fuji' and it should show up :)

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