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Rail network created on

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Following a long survey the national government approved a plan to construct a railway on Île François. When it was completed on December 19 2009 the railway ran across the entire island. The plan was criticized at first by the public for being too costly and for having the possibility of posing a risk to the wildlife of the island. However, after its completion it became the most popular form of transport on the island mostly because of its speed. For example, one could travel from Franceville to Afriqueville in half an hour instead of two aboard a bus.

The rail network(in red) on Île François, If the railway proves to be succesful there have been discussions of expanding the network to Île Ste.Hélène via an underwater tunnel or bridge.

Gare Franceville serves as the network's northern terminus. It is also the busiest station of the network.

Gare Piqinion is located in the centre of Piqinion,Lucienne. This station was the most controversial since it's construction required the demolition of nearly 13 buildings.

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