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Update 22: Thalian 'Burbs

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Welcome to North Plains!











2010 Trixies: Best Roadgeek CJ Award

I must thank all of my readers and commenters for helping make this CJ be what it is today, for if there weren't any of you, this CJ would have died like so many others. I also wanted to thank all those other people who have supported me and come along with me through the 2 years of ST. And I'd also like to thank everyone in the NAM Team, for what would I be showcasing if it wasn't for them ? Heck, I probably wouldn't be playing SC4 :P Anyways, again, thank you all for reading, commenting, rating, and nominating me and this CJ. Enjoy the new year!

- Blue Lightning

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 That GLR is the best GLR I have ever seen. and the Suburbs :o they're soo cool. I agree with Connor, and basically said the same thing as he said :P well its true.

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That's a LOT of traffic! How do you manage to get that much?

And I really haven't seen a style like this on the forums before. So you are now the proud owner of this new style of city development! :D It all looks great as well, especially your transit networks.

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I love all the traffic you have on your beautifully planned roads... If I had that much traffic, my game would crash, and if I had those kind of interchanges, my head would probably crash with it 

Also, those GLR crossing with the NWM avenue... is that something I am not seeing in my menu, or is that something I can wait for in the next NWM?

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Yay! You made the update :) and as I suspected superb once again :P
Though I notice the HSR stuffs things up in places (like when it suddenly has to go back to monorail to cross the GLR :P)
@ k50dude, I'm pretty sure that's just a draggable intersection

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Wow this cj is amazing too bad that ST is loading so slow I will come back later to check out more of this cj when ST is faster.
Youre cj is very realistc and I like how much work you have put into the road and traffic networks and I like that there is much forrest.
A very good CJ.

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