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The Giant Awakes

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Slowly but steadily, the metropolis Trivordam awakes.


The first cars appear at the roads, followed rapidly by the first rush-hour traffic jams. Today
will be a fine day, according to the weather forecast at Channel T. But it is not the weather
that worries me, it is my future. I need to find a job before I completely run out of money. Again. 
The same story, it happened in Detroit, it will probably happen again in Trivordam, but who knows? Maybe
destiny will turn to it's good side once. It would be a light in the dark.


Atleast I was able to get a home for only 120$ a month, at first I was the happiest person in the world, but when
I got to see the appartment I understood why it was so cheap.


That's what I am aiming for, a job at the Stock Building. It would be terrific if I got to work in the highest building
of Trivordam. I've got the certificat they wish, but with my history it would be wasted time anyway.. I think.
Let's start small and get a more easy job


Thanks for reading! If you have any questions about city planning, custom content use, photoshopping etc. Just contact me by a comment, no PM nessecary. 

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