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History of an Oil Tycoon, Pt I

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@Reikhardt - thanks, ive been enjoying your journal.

@JGellock - thanks, i was aiming for simplicity

@Gath22 - i wont be showing 'urban' areas any time soon...but stay tuned for a massive oil refinery complex and industrial port district, which is what i have planned for this tile..and also, i hope you like rural areas because those are coming as well.

@Alejandro24 - thanks

@hermannleicht - thanks, ..ive tried that, but i end up making a mess of the natural slopes of the river/sea bed. im using a downloaded map (perote_coast) rendered with SC4mapper because of its nice-looking slopes. but when i overdo the terraforming and it turns out poorly i have to start over. so this way i can alter the perception of depth with out ruining the terrain. there will be better examples of this technique in the future.

@andrin - glad to help

@kench - thanks, i would love to do a RHW tutorial however its a broad subject with many concepts going on at the same time..so you'll have to narrow your request down to a specific function. RHW can get fustrating to work with so i wont be revealing all of the techniques i use (because explaining everything would just take too long..and also keep in mind there is a learning curve with it)..Heblem has many rock kits that have different textures, im using the 'marble' ones. the link will appear below.








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wohoooo... thank you so much for the link! I am currently building a tropical city and I have been searching for "tropical - related" mods. I think Hemblem's mod is a great help! By the way, any RHW tutorial or any type of SC4 gameplay-related tutorial is fine for me. I love seeing tutorials because I learned something from it especially extraordinary ones. You know, I am still on my first year in playing SC4...

Thank you for the link! Expect me to follow this CJ!   

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i'll start brainstorming on some RHW tutorial concepts but i'll warn you now, there are some technical engineering ideas you have become aware of first...in other words, it might not be as simple as the shoreline tutorial.

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@lablover1 thanks, but i borrowed that idea from Daan in the "Illyrian coast" journal. but it works and looks great.

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