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Howdy Ya'll!

Welcome to Vän Vatten! A land of friendly waters! I'm your host, your tourist, your friend, you may know me as...Jet. I'm merely a historian, a fan of the past, and a dreamer of a future. Hence why you've found me inside the lands of Vän Vatten. Vän Vatten is a land rich with history, sorrow, struggles, dreams, and a ever growing future.

Some quick things you should keep in mind while we run about the land of Vän Vatten:

  1. The people are friendly, but try not to get off the road too much. Vän Vatten is a land with cities, but primarily is still rural. You do not want to get caught within the semi-arid deserts of the land.
  2. Temperature varies: Bring your warm clothes for Split and Whitecap Ranges, shorts for the Spearmen Praire, and sunscreen for the coasts of Crescent Crossing and Lake Augusta
  3. You will be in a vehicle for a long time: Vän Vatten is a travelers dream, it is spread out, the Syv (more on them later) have formed a strong central transportation system throughout the land, but it'll be long none-the-less
  4. It's all about fun, the people of Vän Vatten have foughten hard through the years to enjoy what they have, they wish that you do the same. Kick back, relax, and by all means be as friendly as the waters themselves!
"Friendly Waters"


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