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What is under the ground?

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Legend has said it....

It was a stormy night on one evening in 1987... People along the very far outskirts of the young Haikai City noticed a chain of lights that passed through them. The lights were so intense that people though daylight broke in. Trudging across their carpet, they looked out the window and saw army trucks passing through.... One after another, the trucks slowly swarmed past, with unmarked federal vehicles that bore the emblem of the U.S  along their sides. 20 minutes later, the trucks drove past the unpaved Route 31, and then they suddenly took a turn and streamed across the grassland towards the Gaoshan Mountains.

It was now 2034, and the once former grassland was turned into a bustling neighborhood. A little child was happily playing tag with his friends until hours later, when he was sent to the Haikai Regional Hospital after the young boy wa sunable to move or speak to his parents. Doctors diagnosed the boy with radiation poisoning, but where he got it in the first place was unknown...


An independent scientific group arrived at the location where the boy developed the poisoning. Using advanced technology, they found the soil and air containing twice as much radiation as the legal limit...


The source of the radiation was traced along a path of unusual defected grass that were yellow green in color. Upon following the trail, the group spotted an isolated military post that bore the flag of Ludao Island and the United States. Moments later, military trucks and unmarked black cars appeared and warned the group to get out of their premises. As the group's leader was being interviewed in the hot afternoon, a lonely bystander who was next to him noticed a map on the hood of the black car. It showed the roads of Haikai City and Richmond. He saw a great thickened black box centered around the area where they are presently. The name of the box, he recalled was BASE 167A.

The group left the area immediately and returned to the neighborhood. When asked what was happening, they refused to speak....

To be continued...

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