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Ministry of Reconstruction

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Dear Friends,

Welcome to the second version of the Belleville's CJ here on Simtropolis.

Many of you are already familiar with Belleville's history. It all started back in 2004, when the original CJ was created in the old CJ section. It went well for many years. And yet, many things happened, so Belleville had to be reconstructed.

I consider February 2009 as a new start to Belleville's story, so this new CJ will start from there. If you are interested how the old city looked like, please visit the original CJ. I try to keep all the old photos available online (as much as possible - many were lost).

I find that both the old and new CJ sections have their respective good and bad aspects. And I have noticed that the reader audience is also different. What I like in the new section, is that one can easily find the respective entry he or she is interested in without scrolling down the entire page. On the other hand, I also like the friendlyness and interactivity of the old CJ section. Therefore, my wish was to have two CJ versions - one at the old section and one at the new one.

At the Ministry of Reconstruction, they supported my proposition to create the second version of the Belleville's CJ and streamline it with the old version. Ministry of Reconstruction...what? Well, yes, it has been at the centre of all what has been happening since February 2009. All the updates had to be approved by them before posting here on Simtropolis.

So as the first entry, here is the Ministry of Reconstruction itself.

  Yours sincerely,


Mayor of Belleville





It has not been an easy task to rebuild the whole city, so often people have to stay overnight to finish their paperwork...




The cupboards are full of red tape in this building! Originally, the buidling, built in 1912, was occupied by the Ministry of Administrative Reforms. You can imagine that not a single successive reform has been carried out since then...



Overall, the Ministry is located in a pretty nice area of the city. If only that would increase their productivity...



Many of the bureaucrats prefer to spend their time in the parks nearby rather than in their dark and dusty offices...




Nevertheless, thanks to the hard work of these bureaucrats, this new CJ has been created!



I hope you will enjoy this new CJ!

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I'm very happy to see you and Belleville in the CJ Section! This was (and it is now) a more-than-excellent CJ that inspired me to experiment with the Parisian-ism; and I'm glad to see you've taken it to this "new place". Keeping Belleville at both sections is the best decision you could have taken because the most people can enjoy this CJ, the better.

As for the update... these gardens just look real!
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