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Hi there. I've been playing less lately, hence the delay in updates. The thing is that I'm building and terraforming as I go, so I have no plan, so I can't yet show a wider view, but I'm working on a mosaic that I'll show soon.

As for now, some random pictures of downtown Château-de-Chêne.

The city had a glorious medieval past, but it wasn't till mid 19th century when it developed properly and gained its modern shape. The main activity of the region is winemaking, and in the past 20 years several high tech industries have also appeared. (I'll elaborate more about the history on further entries, since it's partially based on an actual city.)

This plaza (Place de la Colonne) is considered the core of the new city (as opposed to the old city). It is the link between the five main boulevards. On top, Bd du Maréchal Pétain, and clockwise, Bd du 8 Mai 1945, Bd  Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Bd Charles de Gaulle and Bd de Grenoble. During the 90s, Bd. Charles de Gaulle was pedestrianized, and now there's a series of tunnels and parkings underneath.










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awesome work, do you do custom lotting though? ..i see lot editing as an advanced level that i cant even approach yet..

i also believe that writing a journal should be more about experimentation and progress instead of ONLY the presentation of the final product.

..that's why my past journals have failed..the finished city never materializes so i lose interest in the whole endeavor. this means that HYPERBOREA will be different. so stay tuned.

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Reikhardt: thank god I'm actually Spanish and smoking will be banned starting Jan. 2 2011!

Alejandro24: Gracias!!

Schulmanator: Appreciate it!

Simbourgeois: Haha Totally my inspiration. Who doesn't love diagonal boulevards and plazas??

avrelivs: no, I don't, I've tried several times, but since I don't know how to use 3D modeling software, it's pointless, but I'd love to learn. And about the learning process and all, it's true, I have my other projects on hold indefinitely because of the same reason. So, I'll definitely check what you're doing!

simmytu: Thanks!!

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This is fantastic, very realistic and great urban planning. Loving the wide avenues like that of Haussman in Paris and even the non-Parisian buildings fit in perfectly.

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