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It was Christmas time.  A time for celebration, a time for families to get together, and most importantly, a time for people to share what means the most to them. The Jackson family had made a Christmas tradition of getting together each year after opening presents to share stories of their childhood with the younger generations in the family. After the Christmas ham, and after all sorts of gizmos and gadgets were unwrapped and subsequently packed in the car, the Jacksons gathered around the fire with a cup of egg nog to listen to Grandpa Jackson tell the story of his life. Little Miles Jackson had never met his grandfather, as he was on Mile's father's side of the family which became distant after Miles mother went through the divorce.

        Miles was not a fan of the stories. He often found them dull and fell asleep halfway through. So he decided to explore his grandfathers house. It was built sometime in the 1920's, and was full of all sorts of nooks and crannies, and creaky steps and stairs. As he wandered his way upstairs, he saw the pull string for the attic. "I wonder what is up there" he said, as he grabbed a chair from the hallway to grab the string. As the attic stairway slowly creaked open, Miles stared in awe as a whole new world was opened for him. He climed the stairs into the darkness and started to explore. "Theres so much junk up here" Miles exclaimed, as he dug through boxes of old jewelry, clothes, and toys. "This stuff must have been up here for ages".  Suddenly, he opened up a box of old pictures. The glass was dusty, and the pictures faded, but they looked interesting to him. He grabbed the box and went downstairs to his grandpa.

        "Look what I found Papa. What are these?" His grandpa grabbed a photo and stared in amazement. "Where did you get these?" his grandpa asked. "I found them in the attic. Sorry, I felt like looking around this old house of yours." Miles said, excited that he had found something his grandpa had forgotten about. "I haven't seen these photos in 60 years. I had forgotten that I even had them." Grandpa Jackson slowly said, his eyes still glazed over in awe. "Sit down, son. Let me tell you about these photos. There is a lot of history behind them...." And so Miles sat down with the rest of his family and Grandpa Jackson began his story.............

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