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Christmas Special

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@ Paulobergonci : Thanks for looking! And, yes, I just lost concentration! exp

@ TowerDude : Thanks for visiting! Yes, I'm sure the Sims have a great sightseeing trip.


Today's Update


Well.. it's that time of year again. Christmas.

Things have been getting rather chilly recently. Here are some main headlines from across SimWorld.






New New York News


Snow has been causing havoc in New New York as freak storms hit by surprise.


Adeland National News


All settlements in the country have been affected by freezing temperatures as they fall into the -20ºC region.


The Karkland Times


Snow postpones major football clash between Karkcity and Eylton United as 12 Inches Fall.


Lorshire Leader


Roads across the country are clogged with travellers as the Christmas Holiday period arrives.


Vorland National Newspaper


Major travel disruption caused by non-stop blizzards across the region.



So.. the very short and pictureless Christmas update has come to an end.


Or has it..?


This was a picture taken from a news chopper reporting on the travel disruption in Vorland.. Is that really Santa and the reindeer?





Always Believe...


That's it from this update.. sorry it's short! This is all I had time for..


Sam =)


Note: All comments are welcome, especially constructive ones.

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