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Fairfield City

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Fairfield City
Statistical Information:

            Population: 5,695 (2110 Census Estimate) and 7,102 (2115 Population Estimation)
            Founded: August 1921
            Mayor: James Glannon

            Religion: Roman Catholic

            Area: 8 sq. km
                        Population Density: 710 people per sq. km
Unemployment: 6.3%
Crime Rate: 23/1000 people will be affected

            Fairfield City was first settled by settlers from Europeans who wanted a bright new future.  At first, settlers used this area for lumbering and woodcraft designs until the 1920s when gold and other precious metals were found along the edges of the Gaoshan Mountain Range. Later on, more and more Europeans settled into the young city as they rushed to find gold and to earn themselves a profit. Finally in 1930, Henry Fairfield became the first mayor of the newly settled area and it was later on called  "Fairfield City" in honor of him.


            In 1940, when World War II erupted in Europe, there was a significant population boom in Fairfield City. Back in 1920, there were only 500 people, but by 1940, there were approximately 2,000 people. After the war ended, things in Fairfield City did not go too well. Due to the extensive mining along the mountain range, the soil became weaker and it became fatal in 1948 when a mudslide trapped and then killed 100 people. Because of that, many people feared further catastrophes, thus nearly hundreds of people abandoned Fairfield City and sailed across the sea to another island where they founded Bayport.


            From the 1950s to the middle of the 21st century, Fairifeld City remained as an empty quiet town in northern Ludao Island. Then in 2020s when Ludao Island's national highway system was completed, Fairfield City saw itself as a major stop for travelers who drive from Pegland City to Haikai along Route 31 (During that time, the southern potion was not completed). As soon as the rest of Route 31 was completed, drivers began to utilize the shortcut, therefore making Fairfield City as quiet as it was before. For the past decades, Fairfield City has seen a fairly steady population and it enjoyed another population boom in 2080 when the Ludao Island Navy built their first northern most harbors. Industries that have been pushed out of Pegland City also came to Fairfield City since there are no specific regulations in air control for now.

More of Fairfield City:


Old Downtown






Aerial View of Fairfield City


Several farms up on the mountains

Hope you enjoyed this entry!


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