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�le St.Jacques

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Located about 20 kms from Île François, Île St.Jacques seems remote and out of the way however,the island contains some of the best examples of colonial architecture and has become synonymous with the Independent Spanish-Anaïsiens Movement which is an ongoing conflict that revolves around the goal of Spanish descendants taking over Île St.Jacques and turning it into an independent  Spanish enclave in a predominantly French region. The island is also known for its lush forests, sandy beaches and its peacefulness.

The town of Jamelle is the island's only settlement. It is considered to be the centre of Spanish culture in St.Anaïs. This can be seen in its architecture, traditions and atmosphere. Jamelle is also famous for its colorful buildings.


The San Pedro Cathedral is the only Spanish style church in the country.


The Musée de la Culture Espagnol(Museum of Spanish Culture). The building was originally the headquarters of the Compañía Española de</span> <span class="hps" title="Click for alternate translations">Comercio</span> <span class="hps" title="Click for alternate translations">del Caribe</span></span>(Spanish Caribbean Trade Company) and when the French took over it became a mansion for the French founder of St.Anaïs,Jacques Mercier. After he passed away the building was left empty until a group of Spanish descendents in 1921 made it into a museum to highlight the Spanish heritage of St.Anaïs.


This group of satellite dishes make up the <span class="short_text" lang="fr" id="result_box"><span class="hps" title="Click

for alternate translations">Centre</span> <span class="hps" title="Click

for alternate translations">des Télécommunications(Telecommunications Centre) Located on the north coast of the island the centre broadcasts and recieves signals for cell phones, radio, T.V and internet  in St.Anaïs.


This vineyard once part of the LaPierre Tobacco Plantation now produces the country's famed Orange Wine, which is a local wine made from oranges.


The historic Fort de Espagne(Fort of Spain) was built by the Spanish colonists in order to defend their new found territory.


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