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Grey Rock

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Grey Rock is a small rural community on the other side of Hombre's Peak, just east of Arrowhead. The town gets its name from the abundance of large grey boulders left over from when the Shoshone River flooded the land some millenia ago. Visitors enjoy touring the historic downtown area, hiking the "Old Maid," and getting goosebumps at the Shoshone Graveyard.

(In 1931, area rancher Cody Weston used a small portion of his cattle money to build a mid-rise office building in downtown Grey Rock. He hoped it would spark the kind of commercial growth Arrowhead was experiencing, but instead the striking contrast of a giant brick building and the original Wild West town made it seem more of a joke than a serious commercial future. At completion, the building was named "The Lone Ranger," and is still called that today. It now houses the sheriff's department, a post office, a medical clinic, and apartments on the upper floors.)


(The "Old Maid" gets its name from locals who liked to poke fun at the fact that it's, for the most part, barren. Still, it makes for a nice hike and has spectacular views from the top.)


(Here lies dead injuns. Or does it? See, people think the abandoned teepees next to the graveyard means it contains the bones of Shoshone remnants from the late 1800s. All the tombstones are unmarked, supposedly because the cowboys didn't know the names of the indians. But maybe it's the other way around. Maybe the graves contain the bones of the cowboys, and the indians didn't know how to write...)


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