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The Blizzard | Northern Regions

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Early Blizzard in Northern Regions.

The Northern States of Llithustania are ravaged by strong blizzard which

has delayed and canceled flights and put ground transit to a halt.

Stranded drivers wait in congested trapped vehicles in highways and some

in urban streets. Not as devastating hit to the country as the flood, but will

be a costly stall in the National Economy.

Blizzard Strikes the Capital, Maine.


Train transit as canceled many trips routes as snow is heavy and has blocked several main lines to

other cities in the country and region. Passengers are stranded at the station as the snow continues

to poor in to the Northern States.


Meanwhile in the rural town of Rhinebereck, travelers arriving from holidays and work are stuck on a highway into town.

A blockage of snow is several hundered meters from this area and goes on for 3 km.


Another highway into Rhinebereck is also grinded traffic to a halt, leaving many dazed, confused, and very cold in plummeting temp.

This has been described as a Commuter's Nightmare, as many around the North face long trips and traps in the

perilous blizzard. The blizzard is yet to end, but will be a long way at the moment.

Stay for more updates!

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