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I set out to make Industriatown an absolute ghetto. So I asked myself what middle-class people want: schools, hospitals, parks... and deliberately left them out. This worked a charm. A couple of parks were added to break the monotony, but as I used a non-grid layout for the residential area, there wasn't much to break up.

An elementary school and library were initially added to increase demand, but the people got too smart, so I killed the library. When the elementary school got too full, I just put a large one in with $0 spent on buses. It keeps people from complaining too much, keeps them from hitting 0 intelligence (yes, it happens), and keeps the average intelligence below 100.

I put a hospital in for a bit, but it attracted too many middle-class people, and was too expensive, so I killed that, too.

There are police departments and fire departments fairly well-spread out in the city.

Here's a picture of some of the utilities:


There's the police station, fire station and the big elementary school, the only one in town.

The lack of police stations did cause some problems, specifically, the low number of them to begin with. At one point I had a jail break.


See the little orange jumpsuited criminals running about? Crime lept up to almost 30. Now it hovers around 20, even with 4 police stations and a jail. Hooray for police!

No fires have yet been reported, but there are 2 large fire departments, so the matter should be taken care of.

(Edited to downsize the pics)

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