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Entry 3 - CTA Subway and Bus Maps

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Update !

Unofficial so no present on the blog

There, I saw a little ahead, I take this opportunity to share with you my creations.
If it has nothing to do with the game strictly speaking, it is all related to my city as these maps!
I had not expected before the end of the week, but I think it's complete for a major part...
It still lacks a good twenty lines since I have not colonized the entire map ...

It's make with Adobe Illustrator CS3. Comments are welcome!


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Thank's to all for visits! :D

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Uh, you need to take this down, this exceeds the awesomeness set by other members by about a thousand percent, I think it's illegal  

But seriously, this is VERY good work. You got some great talent, it looks like you've put a lot of effort into this. Wonderful job. I will certainly be looking for your next works.

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@k50dude: Thank's for comment :D

It's true that i have many hours working on that map (subway 4h and bus 8-9h, and it's not a final version).
But everything i make, i want it best i can make. But i didn't say that i have talent, it's to pretentious... ;)

Hope you're come again :)

@JGellock: Thank's too for comment! :P

I'm draw on the New York City MTA Subway Diagram and some elements from Paris Métro map...
It's take time to create each neigboorhood. Nothing new since SC4... :D
Frustate that the game havn't more americain style buildings (like brown and red bricks constructions...)

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 Wow, looks really good, I can see that you have put a lot of effort to that! Only thing I think could be improved is the ground color, lighter one could be better perhaps? But thats really just a matter of taste...

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@CIUU96: Thank's for contribution ;)

For the background color, i tested that before drewing the bus and subway map, but i don't really like...
Sure, its a matter of taste. Like said on top, MTA Bus Map (.pdf) was my model for the base layer map.

@Samerton: You start to become a regular visitor, guy! Thank's for comment :D

I hope that can make a update in the end of week... (Monroe -2nd part- and Rivendale districts, i think)

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