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Connecting Sproji and Alov (interactive!)

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Retep Molinari


Alov and Sproji both emerged at the end of the 20th century as the economic power houses in Syldav. The city's remained disconnected, however, as Syldav planning law required that each city connect first through the capital, Klov.

With the unification of Syldav, Bordav, and Peotav under Balboa, these laws were no longer followed.

But how to connect Alov (upper left) with Sproji (bottom left)?

For full resolution: Right click image + "View image."


There are two leading proposals: conventional highway and high-speed rail.

High Speed Rail:


  • Fastest connection to Sproji; under 30 minutes.
  • Popular among business travelers

  • In line with Syldav Union's move away from fossil fuels
  • Difficult to connect rail to urban core
  • Mountainous terrain difficult for high speed operation

  • Less flexible then roads.

Conventional Highway:


  • Most flexible option for most travelers.
  • Easily connects to road grid on outskirts of cities.

  • Faster, cheaper to build.
  • Slower transit times

  • Violates Syldav Union's efforts to limit car usage.
  • Larger "footprint" on sensitive forest land.

So, what do you think? What should be built, and why?

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In my opinion, HSR for linking Alov, Klov and Muskav and highways to link Sproji, Klov and Alov. You would need to do a lot of tunneling and terraforming if you tried to lay the HSR through the mountains, so highways will be more flexible.
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I just realised it was like the names in Tintin. You got inspired don't you? I do too

That's a very nice CJ, I must admit it!

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You should definately build a HSR from Alov to Sproji, mostly because of the environment and transit times. We know that long transit times costs very much money, so the money spend on tunnels etc, will be earned because of the many workhours that doesn't gets wasted on transport. Also, the route could be an excellent tourist route with the many beautiful scenerys along the rails.

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