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Is there Samurai in Izumo? I heard that the Japanese drive on the right because their sword-arms were their right arms and your city is LHD.
Us Irish people drive on the left because the UK owned us and they drove on the left because of the same reason as Japan, strangely. (I've never heard of an English Samurai!)

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angel_of_rivers: thanks, I really wanted to use the trees more often since I don't get to when I'm making TOKYO 4.0

Reikhardt: thanks

figgy: actually Japanese folk drive on the left. Its apparently because you holster a sword on your left cause most folk were right handed, its just so much easier to pull out a sword hangin' on your left than on the same side as your swingin' arm; and if your swords hit each other on the road you had dual. In order to prevent this samurai walked on the left hand side of the road so their swords would always be facing away from the middle of the road.
But no, I don't think there are samurai in Izumo. We prefer to call them, Zamurai, in Izumo :)

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