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The first sizable town we come to in Daffadelya from the north is Sandstone. It's on an island west of the Cresent Islands and just east of the mainland. Inhabitabed for thousands of years, this island become fortified in ancient times due to imperialist threats. Today, it's considered one of Daffadelya's more populous "cities", though part of the island is rural. We'll first travel over the bridges from Cafe island (covered in the first entry) and then explore Sandstone's old town and newer developments.

Before Daffadelya had an egalitarian economy (pre-1950s), the wealthy lived in the newer areas and the poorer lived in the old town. These days, though, people usually negotiate space based on needs: huge family compounds often take the larger, newer houses, wheras younger people and couples often live in the old town. Sandstone is a very well kept place and the old town is a center of arts and culture. There are several industries and research centers located in Sandstone which are owned and operated by many of the inhabitants, while many are more engaged in fishing or farming. The "government" consists of several assembly halls which send delegates to one primary one.

Let's take a look at pictures.




Above: Sandstone's Great Assembly Hall, right outside of the old town

Below: The old town, with close-ups






The newer developments (built 1910s-1950s)



The farming side of the island


The rail station, showing parts of the new town and the turnpike and rail bridge to the mainland!


See ya next time!

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so. i was going to reccomend a slope mod too, But there are times when you really make this hills work!  pictures 4-7 are really nice.  There are a few places, like the train in picture 2 that are a little surreal, but it's almost kinda fun imagining a ride on that train!

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There's a mod for bridge height? That's cool, cause I always thought the bridges were unnessisarily high and unrealistic. As for the slopes, some places definately are not realistic it's true.  I'd like to smooth that out but also keep the steep hills in my many hilly towns in this region. We'll see how it goes. But thanks for feedback!

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..yeah the bridge height mod is great....previously i was working with hills and the slope mods really help...(BRF tunnel and slope mod) but for example, the second picture has a road with a 45 degree angle...making it impossible to drive on in reality....but to let you know the slope mods do not alter the terrain, it alters the road and rail systems so that they are as flat as possible...

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