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May you seek the light

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Lucem Seqiumur is the evolution of a world. You, as reader, will witness love, scandal, war, and so much more in the epic journey of the land. Nations will rise and fall, revolutions will tear across societies, and the wrath of the gods will be unleashed upon the people. Join us as we seek the light.

Sincerely yours,


In the beginning, there was El and Sa.


They were alone, living next to the peaceful Lake Hominis.


They fished.


They raised sheep for wool and meat.


One day, El and Sa were blessed with two children. Yet, these children were not the product of El and Sa, but rather wandered into their small hut one evening, starving and weak. Where they came from was a mystery. The boy's name was Pae. El taught him how to fish and tend to the sheep. The girl's name was Naeti. Naeti quickly became better at fishing than even El. Eventually, Pae and Naeti built a new home not far from El and Sa.


Many years later, several more small children came wandering into the hut, all of them looking starving and weak, just as Pae and Naeti did. The strange phenomenon was a total mystery to El and Sa, especially since the children did not seem to recognize each other. In fact, they could barely speak. There were a few strange similarities about them, however: They were all extremely pale, their skin was smooth as silk, and their hair was a blinding white.

Eventually, the population boomed as more of these strange children arrived, grew up, and had children. The sickly, pale children stopped wandering toward El and Sa's home about ten years after the first pair arrived. The mystery of the children was lost, but not forgotten...


However, with this increased population comes new problems. The first: Lake Hominis. With so many people, the once abundant population of fish in the lake has dwindled to almost none. The lake is now lifeless. 


Rumors are spreading that a search party plans to go north into the valley in an attempt to find a stream or maybe another lake. But this has been met with much opposition. Having never left the lake shores, the villagers are terrified of what lies beyond. The issue is splitting the village into two: Those in favor of searching for fresh water, and those in favor of attempting to live off measly helpings of sheep, pig, and soybeans, which are limited in supply, as well.


May you seek the light.


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