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Introduction: Republic of Siccalium and Santa Julieta

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 Republic of Siccalium and Santa Julieta

coat of armsflag
              Coat of Arms                                         Flag                    

             Siccalium circa 2010.

Capital: Siccalium

Largest City: Siccalium

Official Languages: Siccalese (Rohidon Greek), Spanish, English

Ethnic Groups: 45% Greek, 30% Spanish, 10% English, 15% Miscellaneous 

Demonym: Siccalene (Siccalium), Aileno (Santa Julieta)

Government: Federal Republic

Legislature: House of Representatives

Area: 1,812 km^2

Population: 1 253  581

-756 428 (Siccalium)

-452 033 (Santa Julieta)

-45120 (Countryside)

GDP: $119 billion

HDI: 0.931

Currency: EURO (€)

Time Zone: CET (Central European Time)

Date: mm/dd/yyyy

Drives on the: right

Internet TLD: .sj


More Pictures



End of Introduction

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If this is a SC4 CJ, then where's the in-game images?  HOWEVER, you're showing everything in 3dsmax right?  In that case, I really like it because I've never seen anything like this before.  If you combine SC4 images with 3dsmax viewport images, then this could be one of those epic CJs.

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 It's actually done in Maya. I'm kinda flattered that this looks like a game somehow. But no, this is not a SC4 CJ. I actually have it set to Unique Journal, it just occasionally changes itself to Sim City 4 for some reason.

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