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A Midnight meeting.

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Sorry guys, no in-game pics today. SC4 has been a bit annoying recently so there's nothing new to show

"I see you recognise me" Prince Daan says "I'll admit it was a bit foolish to talk to you last night"

"But your highness, I have to ask why all this secrecy?"

"Because this meeting, isn't what's the word? Ah yes, exactly legal" the reply comes "I have no authority to make these deals"

"So why are you?"

"Because of the troops in Afghanistan"


Rothenburg's troops are at the positions marked in Red

"I can't pull them out, Reina can't pull them out. That power lies with the government, and they're under pressure from Washington and NATO to sit still" the prince sounds bitter "So if they're stuck there, I want them to have the best technology at their disposal. That's where you come in"

"Let me get this straight" You say "You want me, to illegaly sell you weapons behind the back of your government and mine?"

"Pretty much"

Do you make the deal? Yes/No

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