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Intro and the Cresent Islands

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(the bridges connecting the Cresent Islands, which are off the northeastern coast of Daffadelya, with Cloveria, another friendly island nation)

Welcome to Daffadelya! It's and imaginary country I made up as a little kid and have developed throughout various points in life, mostly in hand drawn form. Video games do not normally attract my attention, but sim city 4, with all the custom stuff made for it as well, has become a medium in which I've attempted to re-create this country recently. So I thought I'd share it. Daffadelya has a considerable amount of history, culture, and social organization to write about, which I'll get to eventually. For now, just know it's a small island with a tight knit and egalitarian society, full of art and culure and respect for the natural enviroment. Thanks to all who made all the mods and custom stuff I'm using! Without it, sim city would've bored me a while ago lol.

This first entry is about the Cresent islands, which connect Daffadelya to it's northern neightbor Cloveria, a freindly nation which does not mark it's "border" with Daffadelya. The first pic is the rail and road bridges into Daffadelya's first island of this group. Here are more pics of life on these islands.

The first are of Cresent  City, then Cafe island.


Cresent City, with an old defensive castle, sits upon the only hill in the Cresent Islands.



The Daffadelyan Turnpike, rail line, and Rt. 1 heading towards the brigdes to Cafe island



Cafe, south of Cresent City on Cafe Island, named for it's prevalence as a refreshment stop on an ancient trade route (above)       

Cape Cresent, which is north of Cresent City (below)



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Thanks indeed! And yeah, good advise. There's actually been some major accidents reported at that bump in downtown Cafe, as teenagers speed up to see how far their cars can fly in the air...

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