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Galesfe City 7: Faevza Interchange Region

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Lyhoko Leaci



Nick.pngNick: And here's the interchange that Koða blew up...

Nikki.pngNikki: Huh? It's different than before.

Nick.pngNick: More compact. Did Koða come back though?

Leech2.pngLyhoko: No, that's what happenes when new NAM updates come out right after reconstruction is done.

Nikki.pngNikki: NAM?

Leech2.pngLyhoko: Does she even know anything about SC4 addons?

Nikki.pngNikki: Hey! I heard that! ... what's SC4?


Nick.pngNick: Anyway, here's an ordinary overpass over M-11 with no onramps that somehow ended up in the pictures.

Nikki.pngNikki: Where'd that blue haired girl come from, anyway?

Nick.pngNick: Industry on the left, residential on the right.

Nikki.pngNikki: Stop ignoring me!

Nick.pngNick: Stop asking questions I don't know the answer to!


Nick.pngNick: Random residential area with a football field and a school.

Nikki.pngNikki: And shops!


Nick.pngNick: And a high wealth residential area along one of the highways.

Leech2.pngLyhoko: Now, if only I could remember just where this came from.

Nikki.pngNikki: Who are you?

Leech2.pngLyhoko: Lyhoko.

Nikki.pngNikki: Anything else?

Leech2.pngLyhoko: That is on a need to know basis only, and you don't need to know.

Nikki.pngNikki: Hmph.


Nick.pngNick: And here's part of the industrial area, with what seems like too many farm towers.


Nikki.pngNikki: And underground farms too.


Nick.pngNick: In the mountains to the south, there's more of the forest cabins, as well.

Nikki.pngNikki: Can barely see them though the trees.


Nick.pngNick: And a mini airport for those who have their own planes.


Nikki.pngNikki: And a dam in the mountains.

Leech2.pngLyhoko: The water next to the dam looks weird.

Nick.pngNick: Weird.

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