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SC Commercial Developments

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I have some very... strange news from Shaston City. As you may have noticed, throughout the history of this CJ, all of the cities in the region of New Cholula have suffered from "Why The Heck Are The Road Textures European?" Syndrome. Well, this morning it was discovered that certain roads throughout the cities of San Lorenzo, Redwood and Shaston City have blotches of yellow-lined roads. Nobody quite understands this bizarre phenomenon; even the most intelligent scientific researchers don't know what is going on.


Okay, in actuality - I've been trying to figure out why in the world the road textures are European, even though I can't find any of those textures in my plugins folder... appearantly though now I have at least a LITTLE more realistic road textures. But the european style roads only appear on plopped lots and landmarks... *COUGH*You didn't just read that BTW. 3.gif

On the island of Stratford, temperatures are very low today, in the mid 40s. People are freezing out there!!


Anyway, let's get back to Shaston City - where it's nice and sunny!! Okay, maybe a little cloudy, but definitely not as cool as San Lorenzo... as far as temperature goes anyway. I'll focus this update on various commercial properties that were built during the massive construction boom and renovation of Shaston City 25 years ago.



Above is what was a massive development built in the mid '80s during the big construction boom. This area was one time a mostly derelict port, but was converted into a wealthy marina and yacht club. A couple condominium buildings were constructed as well, with expensive condos that have great views of the marina and downtown.



Above is another area that was developed from a derelict neighborhood... Somerset Avenue. The avenue is lined with strip malls and is also home to the Shaston City Sensational News Channel (SCSN) which is known for reporting...well... sensational news.


Perhaps the largest project was the Stone Ravine Shopping Center, the largest shopping center in all of New Cholula. It took 2 years to complete, and has since been one of the largest commercial centers in the city.

I think that's all for this update. I have been having an itching to return back to the Mediterranean style of San Pedro. 2.gif But I still have some stuff to show from Shaston City.

This update was sponsored by:


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