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Update 11 | Posillipo

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Welcome Back to Posillipo !

A lot of work has gone into this. It took me about three days to finish this and well.. it's not completly finished.

Picture 11.1

Posillipo Tourism Bureau Website Picture


Pic 11.2 Posillipo At Night


Pic 11.3

Downtown Posillipo Day Pic


Pic 11.4

Downtown Posillipo Night Pic


Pic 11.5

Posillipo StadiumPosillipoStadium.png

Pic 11.6

Posillipo Cruise Lines Port and McThader MuseumCruises.png

Pic 11.7

Historical Government Square


Pic 11.6

Future Jordan Hare Int'l Airport


Pic 11.7

The Main Republic of Posillipo IslandsOlympus-1.png

Pic 11.8

Territory of the The Republic of Posillipo Arthos


Well that's all for now ! Please Rate and Comment even if it's negative ! If you viewed this Update all the way to the bottom just drop me a comment saying you liked it or something and rate it :) 

Thanks !

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Somehow I really like those 747 gates at that airport. What are those two greek looking buildings near the cruise ship?

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@emgmod - the colored building is http://www.simtropolis.com/stex/details.cfm?id=24379 and I can't find the link to the grey temple :\

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looks like some good quality buildings here..
you have gotten away from the grid look, so thats an improvment
there is little in the way of duplicats if any.. concerning buildings..
Some of the bats you used looks very nice.. for the buildings
the airport looks good, large if not stunning ,but it will do..
the light set up is fantastic really..
again I would say at this point thats the best part of it..
keep up the great work and improvment , Chip..

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